We are now accepting fall/winter clothing, accessories, and shoes including outdoor winter gear.

We're always accepting toys, books, games, jewelry, etc.

NO stuffed animals, car seats, or bedding.

** All brands are considered. We're mostly looking for unique items with modern or vintage style. We want the items we sell to be in great condition. We do not guarantee that we will take the items you bring to us. The selection process is absolutely not personal to you, your style, or your items. We are simply selecting items that we believe will sell at Lady Bear and also selecting items to complement current inventory. ** See Consignor Agreement below.

Please bring your items in 'camera ready' and 'ready to sell'.

  • Free of wrinkles.
  • On a hanger (you can have yours back if you want them!) OR carefully laid flat - not folded (again, those pesky wrinkles).
  • Buttons buttoned.
  • Bows tied.
  • Free of stains.
  • Free of pet hair.
  • Free of any odor/fragrance.
  • All parts/pieces together.
  • Batteries charged.

If you bring your items in and they do not meet the criteria above, you may be asked to clean up your items and bring them back, they may be declined. It's not personal to you whatsoever! We're 'buying' for what we think will sell in our store.

Ready to consign at Lady Bear? Please read the fine print.

Q. Do I need an appointment to bring items in? 

A. An appointment is preferred, especially when you are bringing us many items, but not required. Please use our online scheduling tool below. If there's nothing available, that truly means we're booked up.

Q. What items can I consign? 

A. We accept *great quality items* in the following categories:

  • clothes + books + toys/games for all ages (adults and kids)
  • maternity + nursing wear
  • shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags, belts, accessories
  • baby wraps + carriers
  • swaddlers + sleep sacks
  • glass bottles, toddler dinnerware
  • yoga balls and mats
  • backpacks
  • what else ya got? 

***If you want to consign a stroller, high chair, bouncer, carrier/wrap, crib - basically anything a baby *sits in*, please check the recall before bringing it in. We'll do the same once it arrives. We DO NOT ACCEPT car seats.

To check your equipment, go to www.cpsc.gov and search for recalls by company. See our Product Safety page for more information. All nursery gear including cribs and high chairs must be under 5 years old to meet safety guidelines even if no specific recall is issued. All nursery gear including cribs, pack ‘n plays and beds must be assembled by consignor.) If an item requires batteries, or light bulbs, etc. it needs to have working batteries and bulbs to be accepted.***


  • All items will  have  a  contract  term  of  90  days.
  • The contract term period begins the day your items are entered into your account.
  • If any discounts or store sales are given on your items, it will be a shared discount between you and Lady Bear. Sales will happen from time to time to help drive traffic and move product (a win-win for us both).  
  • Any discounts given to Lady Bear employees or as a friends or family discount will be absorbed by Lady Bear as an employee benefit, not the consignor. 
  • It is the consignor's responsibility to pick up any items that do not sell within 14 days of the contract ending IF the consignor wants the items back. The consignor will not be contacted; it is the consignor's responsibility to check their account and mark their calendar. On the 15th day after the contract term ends, the items become property of Mama Bear, LLC dba Lady Bear Resale Boutique.  It is the consignor's responsibility to  pick-up  the items  within 14 days of the end of the contract  term.  
  • The consignor will be  charged  $0.25  for each item  that  is  wrinkled  and  needs  to  be  steamed  and/or  is  not  buttoned  up  as  requested.

Q. How much money do I make and how do I get my money? 

A. Lady Bear staff determines the price on each item sold. After the item is sold, 40% of the sale price goes into your account. Your account is updated automatically when your items are sold. You can then use your credit towards a purchase at any time.
If you want to receive your payments as cash, you can do one of three things: 1) call or text 502-356-4990 requesting a check, 2) come into the store and let one of our squad members know, or 3) send an email to [email protected] requesting a check.
We do not write checks 'on the spot'; payout checks are written on Mondays. Once your request is submitted, your check will be ready the following Tuesday morning for pick-up or will be put in the mail, depending upon your request. We do charge a check fee of $2 that will be removed from your earnings as well as $0.50 for any checks mailed. There are zero fees to use your credit in store. Your earnings do not expire.

Q. How do I know how much money I’ve earned? 

A. You may check your account balance at any time at LadyBearResale.com/login. Ask a Lady Bear Squad member for your login info. You may call or text us anytime at 502-356-4990.


Q. Can I list my items for sale on another website? 

A. When we accept your items, we invest the time and store space to selling your items. We respectfully ask that you leave your items with us for 90 days. We also respectfully ask that you do not have your items listed for sale on any buy/sell/swap pages while your items are at Lady Bear. Failure to respect this request may hinder our consigning relationship moving forward. Thank you!

Have other questions? Just ask. Call or text us at 502-356-4990 or email [email protected]